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Ayurveda And Yoga- Experience Its Combined Benefits At Ayuryogashram

“Yoga is not about self-improvement, it’s about self-acceptance.”- Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa

Do you know that Ayurveda and Yoga go hand-in-hand? Yes. Yoga, per se, denotes a ‘union’. And Ayurveda is regarded as a ‘Science of Life.’ And what both these ancient practices set out to establish is the complete mind-body-soul well being.

Yoga as a practice denotes oneness of the mind and body. And when regularly practiced, followed and incorporated into everyday living, then it definitely assures and ensures overall mental and physical well being.

Do you know that in these days and times, where we have no time for practically anything, be it taking care of health, exercising or even relaxing, that the saying, “If you don’t bend, you break,” sounds out a warning bell. And therefore, it should be our prerogative to stay healthy by adapting to healthier living by adapting the Ayurvedic prescribed way of life and learning and assimilating Yoga practices.

And in the birthplace of Ayurveda, Kerala, the health resort, Ayuryogashram also advocates the same. We offer extensive Ayurvedic treatments and therapies that are aimed at relaxing, rejuvenating, revitalizing and even addressing some niggling aches and pains and after you have undergone specific treatments and procedures, you can definitely notice the palpable difference.

Along with extensive Ayurvedic therapies, we also have a full-fledged Yoga center where we have a certified instructor who will teach you different Yoga postures, asanas and exercises that will also help you relax and de-stress amidst verdant surroundings.

And if you would like to know more about Ayurveda and Yoga and its extensive health benefits and what it offers, along with the detailed, regimented Ayurvedic treatments and therapies we render in Ayuryogashram that is located in Thrissur, Kerala, India, and also if you want to know about our relevant, tailored packages that would suit your requisites, write to us at info@ayuryogashram.com. On the other hand, to know more, visit our website at, www.ayuryogashram.com.

Ayurveda, Ayurvedic Centre In Kerala, Ayurvedic Treatment in Kerala

Experience The Benefits Of Ayurveda At Ayuryogashram

So! Do you know about the popular alternative treatment course, Ayurveda? Do you know it is an ancient science that has been around from times immemorial? Do you know that its very philosophy, principles and main beliefs date back to over 5,000 years ago and the prescribed treatment process is followed even today? Unbelievable isn’t it? Well, Ayurveda is just that. It has evolved over time, but has kept its very underlying essence intact and that is the beauty of this. It is simply amazing and remarkable that we are still following what came into being many thousands of years ago! Unbelievable isn’t it!  We at Ayuryogashram feel so too!

Set in a blissful paradise, a home away from home is the tranquil Ayurvedic retreat in Thrissur, Kerala, Ayuryogashram. If you are visiting ‘God’s own country’ and would like to indulge in some good Ayurvedic therapies to feel rejuvenated and relaxed, then we fit the bill completely. Head to Ayuryogashram to pamper yourself and be completely revitalized and you are raring ot go.

So in this connection, do you know about the many benefits of Ayurveda? Its benefits extend beyond your body; it equally impacts your mind and even your soul. That is the surprising effect of Ayurveda.

  • It is a wellness therapy that has a holistic effect.
  • Ayurveda comprehends the human body to a great extent and establishes the precise sustenance and rudiments required for our body.
  • Most of the restorative ingredients used in Ayurvedic medications and remedies are obtained from herbs, fruits and nature.
  • The medications that are Ayurvedic oriented have no side effects at all.
  • You can stay youthful, energized and it has important anti-aging elements in it.
  • For better work-life stability, go the Ayurveda way as its overall rejuvenative traits will help us a great deal.

To know more, email us at info@ayuryogashram.com and for more info, come to our website, www.ayuryogashram.com.

Ayurvedic Treatment in Kerala

Ayurveda Prescribed Treatment At Ayuryogashram

Do you know that Ayurveda evolved in India more than 5,000 years ago? And this ancient science has only grown in stature and size and is recognized globally and is regarded and revered as a good alternative healthcare system.

The word ‘Ayurveda’ finds its ‘originations’ from two Sanskrit words, ‘Ayur’ that refers to ‘life’ and ‘Veda’ which means, ‘knowledge or science’. And in effect, it is definitely a ‘science of life’. As the treatment modalities and Ayurvedic prescribed therapies and treatments are aimed at recognizing the root cause of the illness and thus nip it at the bud.

Ayurveda helps us recognize our own physical, mental and innate compositions and together with our living conditions, environment and our response under these conditions.

As per the ancient Indian scriptures, the Vedas, ‘ayur’ or our life is a blend of both our physical body or ‘sharira’, and our wits or our senses known as ‘indriya’, and our mental state which is the ‘manas’ and of course our soul which is our ‘atma’. All these components together keep us alive, which is our ‘prana’.

And understanding, keeping and following these Ayurvedic principles is Ayuryogashram in Thrissur, Kerala. We are renowned for our Ayurvedic treatments and therapies that address many health issues like back pains, knee and joint pains, migraines, headaches, obesity, overweight, stress-related issues, skin problems, bronchitis and even more chronic and serious illnesses like Parkinson’s, spondylosis, asthma and arthritis.

We have customized treatment solutions and processes to address each illness based on the type of illness, the extent of the problem and the person’s overall constitution. Our in-house physicians then prescribe a treatment course that involves herbal medications, massages, and purgation and purification methods.

And we at Ayuryogashram are sure that at the end of it all, you will definitely notice a difference and will soon be on the road to recovery!

To know more, write to us at info@ayuryogashram.com and for detailed information, visit our website, www.ayuryogashram.com.


Natural Herbs Infused Ayurvedic Treatments At Ayuryogashram

The much revered ancient Indian science, Ayurveda is followed and adapted across India and is also globally very accepted and well-received. This is more because of its specialized approach to treat a sickness that takes into consideration not just the illness but also the mind, body and our overall senses so that the determined Ayurvedic treatment and therapies ensure beneficial results. And more so, this is a holistic wellness treatment that integrates the use of natural herbs and related ingredients.

Herbs are very powerful and effective when it comes to its many usages. Every herb renders its own unique benefit. And knowing and exploring its absolute effectiveness is Ayurveda. From times immemorial, since the inception of Ayurveda, herbs have offered the foundation for Ayurvedic treatments and therapies and that continues even today. The effectiveness of herbs is absolute. As per the ‘Rasayanas’, the Science of Rejuvenation in the Ayurveda domain, herbs are very essential to help quell the sickness, build immunity and keep you energized. They are rich in anti-oxidants and also help suppress any negative effects of the free radicals on your body.

And following the prescribed herb-infused treatments and therapies is Ayuryogashram, a Ayurvedic retreat in Thrissur, Kerala. Well-known herbs like Triphala, Ashwagandha, Amla, Shatavari and Brahmi are extensively used and incorporated in all available treatments and even therapies.

In fact, in the beautiful environs of the wellness and health resort, Ayuryogashram that is tucked away in a quiet neighborhood also has an exclusive Herb garden where a lot of herbs are grown and utilized in-house. A visit and a stay in our hospitable and inviting atmosphere will ensure that you leave fully revitalized and rejuvenated.

Do you want to know more about our different Ayurvedic treatments and therapies we have on offer? Do you want to know more about our customized packages? Want to know about our seasonal special treatments? Well, you may drop a line to us at info@ayuryogashram.com with your request. Alternatively, visit our website at, www.ayuryogashram.com.

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‘The God’s own Country’s’ Ayurvedic Retreat


The beautiful, quaint little haven known as Ayuryogashram in Thrissur, Kerala is definitely a place cutout for relaxation, rejuvenation and revitalization. And if you are seeking such an ideal setting to engage in Ayurveda-inspired, Ayurveda-defined treatments, therapies and services therein, just step in here! And the rest has to be just experienced!

If you are seeking a blissful abode to undergo the best Ayurvedic treatment that is available in Kerala, then it is here in Ayuryogashram that you can find it.

As an established Ayurvedic retreat in Kerala, we do offer a range of therapies and treatments to treat most lifestyle diseases like obesity, weight loss, diabetes, back pain and knee pain.

If you just want a break from it all, want a change of scene, unwind and just let everything go, then a sojourn to Ayuryogashram is recommended. As you relax in nature’s lap and go for a couple relaxing therapies and massages to help rejuvenate, before you know it, your break is done and you have to leave this peaceful abode. But! With a difference! You are completely relaxed and de-stressed and ready to get back in full vigor.

At Ayuryogashram, we offer customized treatments and therapies that would address your needs, problems and sicknesses, if any. And not to mention, all our treatments and therapies are prescribed by our in-house Ayurvedic doctor under whose guidance all the treatments are meted out.

If you have not heard of us as yet, or if you have just heard about us from a friend, then you have now! And the next best thing to do is to visit us and benefit from a good round of Ayurvedic wellness and holistic treatments.

And as always, for queries and package enquiries write to us at info@ayuryogashram.com and for detailed information, visit our website, www.ayuryogashram.com.

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Yes. Ayuryogashram is definitely a tranquil Ayurvedic abode nestled in verdant premises surrounded by green fields and luxuriant foliage. And in the distance, the place is dotted by hills that complete its very pictorial setting.

Ayuryogashram has been engaged in offering Ayurvedic treatments and therapies for over a decade and counting and we have definitely been regarded as one of the best Ayurvedic treatment centers in Kerala and we have Green Leaf certified which is an accreditation given to good Ayurvedic resorts and health centers.

We are located in Parlikad near Thrissur in the state of Kerala which is the hub of tourism and globally well-known for its many beaches, rich green picture-perfect surroundings, the hills, the fields, hill stations, rivers and backwaters.

The potent powers of Ayurveda are gradually spreading and world over, there is definitely an interest and people want to delve into the world of Ayurveda more and more. And this is where, we Ayuryogashram can help make a difference and also introduce you to Ayurvedic principles, traditions and beliefs.

Ok. We have piqued your interest and you would definitely like to check us out, visit our website www.ayuryogashram.com and learn about what specialized Ayurvedic treatments, services and therapies we have on offer and you could email us or call us or even drop a request.

And now that you are here, at our beautiful abode, then experiencing the peace and quietude along with the many rejuvenating and relaxing therapies, we are sure, you will leave a different person, contended, calmer and completely relaxed and as you step out, we know you will definitely come back and you will also tell a person or two about Ayuryogashram and spread the good word on behalf of Ayuryogashram! That is how confident we are about our Ayurvedic therapies and treatments.