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The many Pluses, Gains and Benefits of Ayurvedic Panchakarma

Characterizing Panchakarma

Panchakarma comprises of two words, Pancha which means five and Karma meaning the process. Panchakarma is a primeval body purifying and rejuvenating process that in turn comprises of many individual therapies and treatments which is preceded and also followed by some therapies that heighten and benefit the whole Panchakarma therapy. The basic purpose is to eliminate the contaminants or ama from the body and to ease any aggravated doshas from our dhatus or tissues. Therefore, this is definitely a preventive and a curative process.

The Pros of Panchakarma

The rejuvenator quality of Panchakarma is such that the body is able to connect wholesomely to the mind, re-establishing with the intellect, regaining the capability to naturally absorb nutrients and also easily purge wastes.

Panchakarma can also be referred to as a rejuvenator detox.  Its rejuvenating quality, the detox process, and the all-natural therapy definitely helps sync up the mind-body.

 Panchkarma and its advantages

Ayurveda endeavors to achieve good health and also address sicknesses and cure them. Therefore, one of the most important rejuvenation therapies in Ayurveda, Panchakarma, is an absolute detox method that aims to cleanse the body of all toxins and render the person healthy and also in the process stem out some illnesses. And after a detox, all Ayurvedic treatments, therapies and medicines work better and effectively.

In line, the many advantages of Panchakarma would be:

  • Nips certain disease symptoms and eliminates its origins
  • Helps balance the doshas, vata, pitta, kapha in unison
  • Helps build resistance and immunity and gain vitality and energy
  • Helps balance circulation, the nervous system, the digestive system and all bodily processes
  • Toxins are eliminated from the body especially from our most susceptible area
  • Mentally and physically clarity, agility and alertness is achieved and the mind is a lot clearer
  • Helps alleviate anxiety, sleeplessness and helps balance the mental equilibrium
  • There is more flexibility especially in our joints and movement
  • Most of all we achieve a certain inner peace, we are a lot at ease which feels heavenly
  • Panchakarma definitely helps delay aging as a lot of free radicals are removed, balances in the body are achieved with the release of beneficial antioxidants
  • We look better, younger, with glowing skin and the body is nurtured and nourished
  • Panchakarma helps reduce fat deposits
  • Our metabolism and digestion is improved
  • Panchakarma is a great stress reliever
  • It is a great cleansing and rejuvenating program for one’s soul, mind and body
  • Overall, helps rejuvenate, revitalize and relax our mind-body
  • The toxins or ama is eliminated from the body via the different elementary systems of the body
  • It helps restore the body’s natural balance and lets go of any residues or negative energy in our mind and body.
  • Varied emotions, experiences, over time can accumulate as toxins or ama in the body and the Panchakarma process helps cleanse and remove it

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And so

In the words of the well-known Ayurvedic exponent, Sunil Joshi emphasizing the many benefits of Panchakarma, “When the false covering of ill health is removed from the mind, senses, and body, our true nature, or prakriti, shines through and is intimately connected to the universal prakriti.”

Aches, pains, low metabolism, lack of energy and drive, stomach disorders, back pains or headaches, stress-induced sicknesses, lifestyle influenced problems are all alleviated, you are enlivened, feeling lighter, healthier and younger and you can see and feel a new you after a Panchakarma therapy!

A therapy that began many centuries ago and still actively sought after for its much positivity, Panchakarma is highly regarded and is definitely considered the keystone of Ayurvedic therapies and treatments. And if you are in the quest of restoring your Ojas, your very essence, it is Panchakarma!

And at Ayuryogashram, you can experience this rejuvenator of sorts, Panchakarma!